We know that our friends and neighbors will support us with the gift of their time. They will come paddle or cheer for us at the races, or will help us stuff envelopes or help with our fundraisers, or may donate $10, $20, $50, or $100. Some may wish to give more.

BRONZE ($250) Your name/logo on the back of hundreds of high-quality tech race shirts and on all race day materials. A Love for Life race shirt of your own, and an invitation to join the fun with us on race day October 3rd.  You will be listed and thanked on our Facebook page and website.

SILVER ($500) Same as BRONZE + an extra race shirt, and the font of your logo will be 2x the size of BRONZE sponsors’.

GOLD ($1,000) Same as SILVER + 2 extra race shirts; the font of your logo will be 2x the size of SILVER sponsors’; and you will receive a complementary ticket to our Winter Fundraiser.

PLATINUM ($2,500) Same as GOLD + 2 extra race shirts; the font of your logo will be 2x the size of GOLD sponsors’; and you’ll receive an extra ticket (2 total) to our Winter Fundraiser.

LOVE ($5,000) Same as PLATINUM + 5 extra race shirts; your logo on the front of our shirts; and 3 extra tickets (5 total) to our Winter Fundraiser.

HERO ($10,000) You will receive everything listed above, with the BIGGEST of all the company logos on the front of our shirts, 10 total race shirts, 10 total complementary tickets to our Winter Fundraiser.

If you would like to sponsor our 2015 team, and would like your logo on our shirts, we must have all of your information and logo by September 15th.

If you are a friend or neighbor, know that we already have several individual sponsors this year, so your family name may be listed on our shirts as well.

You may donate to A Love for Life at any time of the year. We know that many companies have deadlines for submitting sponsorship requests. If this deadline has passed, please consider this a request for our 2016 race.